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About Us

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I started this Travel Blog on blogger earlier and then moved to a COM site. Till date whatever I have written, are all the places which I have visited, but may add some tourist attractions based on research. These tourist sites could be of interest to my readers. I also allow Guest Posts so the other bloggers can also share their experience with readers of this Travel Blog.  Please do not hesitate to shoot an email if you want to discuss anything specific. 

My Travel Experience

My Travel experience as on today is limited to three countries. It covers travel through most of the parts of India and some parts of UK and US. I love to write about Travel destinations, and the first version of this Travel blog was in existence for last four years, The earlier version was only for India Travel. It is interesting to read about Travel stories of other bloggers also, and I follow many Travel blogs to read about their experience.

How can this Travel Blog help you?

I would be happy to provide any guidance about your India Travel. I would also review a particular place of tourist interest, a Hotel, a Resort or a Theme Park/Amusement Park through this Travel Blog. We can discuss the same offline through email communication. I provide professional content writing services including Blogs, Articles and website content. 

I also have another blog on Lifestyle and Business, where you can read about topics like Career Coaching, Mentoring, Small Business Ideas, Startup community and much more.

Someone with particular interests in IT, Healthcare IT, Project Management, Small Business, Career guidance, and Travel can get connected through Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media channels.

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