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Maldives-The pearls of the Indian Ocean!

The Maldives lies southwest of Sri Lanka, and comprise of 1190 coral islands forming 26 major atolls. The country stretch 820 kilometers north to south and from east to west 120 kilometers. Some 100 famous resorts islands with their own unique style in a desert island setting. This is the paradise is breathtakingly beautiful and a real chance to get away from all.


Maldives are known for their natural beauty and amazing Blue Ocean with white beaches by fresh air. Maldives climate is ideal for the visitors to get engage in water sports such as fishing, swimming, snorkeling, windsurfing, scuba diving, and water skiing and boarding. Maldives is the best place and tourist attraction and it’s the largest revenue generator. The scenery of underwater and clean water of Maldives is ranked the best diving destination in the world.

About islands

The islands of Maldives developed for tourism are approximately 800 by 200 meters in size and composed of coral and sand to the maximum height of 2 meters above the sea level. The islands have its own” house reef” which serves as natural aquarium garden of coral for snorkelers and scuba diving. The water enclosed by the house reef and also serves as the large natural swimming pool and protects swimmers from the ocean and outside house reef.


The resort of lily beach is a Maldives best resort for finest a worldwide character for exotic house-reef lush tropical beaches, just for very few meters away from the seashore. The fabulous places of the island, on which Lily Beach is situated, with close nearness to the majority amazing sites in the world. Besides devoting full time floating in the balmy Indian Ocean or at the heaven of well-being, spa. A much required a celebration of love, the luxury that Lily beach resort rest tourist’s mind and allow five-star inclusive Maldives experience that set your heart racing long after the holiday has ended.

Dive underwater

Watching turtles graze on sea grass in the lagoon by your presence. The shark is peacefully through the crystal water, away from people. At the beach of Lily the amazing underwater world which the Maldives on the world travel map in the very first place is an experience not to miss. Dive into the gorgeous underwater that gives you endless chance to lay your eyes on the 5-star Coral reefs metropolis with marine life. Snorkeler’s novice can admire the colorful marine life from the flat surface of the ocean of India.  The Maldives best diving and beach of Lily offers an amazing jumping off point for trying to find that’s on your Maldives bucket list.

Climate of Maldives 

The Maldives climate is tropical generally humid and warm with two seasons called Monsoons with 800 km distance from north to south. The weather condition will accord your location in the archipelago.  Standard weather forecast north Maldives will require for Gan. The monsoon divided into 2 parts the summer monsoon and the winter monsoon while global temperature does not change along the year, each monsoon brings every different weather condition in term of rain winds and sunshine. Winter monsoon in Maldives named Iruvai in Dhivehi mostly begin October/ November. The winter monsoon brings clear skies, calm seas with fewer rains throughout the archipelago.  The weather is sunnier and drier. During these months, winds and shower are expected sea can be particularly flat. During this month’s climate are gorgeous with complete blue skies and cloud formation.

Veligandu Island

Veligandu Island
Veligandu Island

The romantic sunsets glow yellow and red over the lapping waters of the Indian Ocean, shoreline and crystal clear waves roll in softly from the inland lagoon. Under beautiful island which has been champion as one of the top destination in the Maldives.

Banana Reef

banana reef
banana reef

There is a single better place to the scuba gear and wetsuits in the country that at the Banana Reef. This banana fruit shaped dash of multi-colored and seaweed clad lies underwater between the isles of North Male a tool. It is served by countless outfitters sharks.



Kuredu is the self-jewel of the Lhaviyani Atoll which makes its home in the northern reaches of the Maldives archipelago. A shape of boomerang it’s fully covered by a single resort which offers rustic bamboo shacks and rows of those water bungalows with verandahs above the waves. The place is surrounded by its own fringing of sand and one of the most advanced SCUBA destinations in the country. Kuredu also plays host to full of a golf course.