Chikhaldara-The Famous Hill Station In Vidarbha

Chikhaldara is the famous hill station in Amaravati district of Vidarbha region. It is the only coffee growing area in the Maharashtra region. Chikhaldara also has beautiful lakes, breathtaking panoramic viewpoints, and exotic wildlife. This hill station located at an altitude of 1118 m. It is the best summer retreat for people of nearby areas.

Best time to visit Chikhaldara is from October to February. The atmosphere is cool in this period, and tourist can enjoy their scenic beauty of nature in a winter season. Mansoon starts from June, July, August, and September. During this four month, there is an experience of heavy rainfall.  The winter season starts from November to February and the average temperature in this season is 150C.

Summer season start from March, April and May this season is very hot in Chikhaldara and temperature goes between 320 C to 400 C  so avoid visiting Chikhaldara in summer.

There are many viewpoints all around the Chikhaldara. Such as Sunset point, Monkey point, Mozari point, Malviya Point. Prospects point, Panchol point, and Devi point. Each of them has different views, and visual treats to offer.

Places Visit Chikhaldara

Chikhaldara Wildlife Sanctuary

It flourishes in wildlife Sambars, Wild boar, sloth bears, and panthers even the rarely seen wild dogs. This sanctuary name after keechaka. The natural beauty of this place enjoys from Devi point, Prospect point, and Hurricane point.

Bhim Kund Overview   

It is a place located on the way of Chikhaldara to Paratwada, and it is 3500 m deep. In Mahabharata, it is said that Bhim killed Kichaka and threw him in this valley giving it the name Kichakdara. Then Bhim took a bath in the nearby lake, and it is thus called BhimKund.

Melghat Tiger Reserve

Melghat Tiger Reserve has 82 tigers and also has other animals like wild dogs, Sambhar, sloth bears. It situates in Chikhaldara in Dharni tehsil of Amaravati district. The tiger reserve 1676.93 sq-Km is one of the last Indian tigers in Maharashtra.

Bir Lake

The lake is used by British soldiers, and it is built in Basalt. Water was initially used for Chikhaldara tow. It also has an old garden which is not well maintained. The lake builds in British government rule.

Panchol Point

The Panchol point is 4KM from Bir Lake. The road is from Bir Lake to valley from the north side. The Panchol point is one of the famous place and central point of the area. It is the place where you hear at least 5 reflected sounds when you give out a voice that’s why this place is called Five eco point or Panchol Point.


It is a place which is 25 KM from Chikhaldara. Muktagiri is a collection of 52 temples of the Jain religion all build on the mountain. There is waterfall provides a backdrop to the magnificent site.

Gwaligarh Fort Overview:-


It is famous for its unique architecture with three gates an inner and an outer fort. It is one of the three forts in Chikhaldara. The place is 2 KM from Chikhaldara.

Amner Fort:-
Amner Fort
Amner Fort

It is 58 KM from Chikhaldara. It is situated beyond village ‘Kalamkhar’ near village Zilpi about 10 KM from Dharni on ‘BarhanpurRoad.’ The fort is constructed of burnt bricks and is located at the convergence of rivers Tapti, Sipna and Gadga.

Narnala Fort:-

The Narnala fort is 32 KM from Chikhaldara. A fort is a group of three forts namely Zafrabad, teliagarh and Narnala itself. Located on the hill of Satpuda this fort has great historical importance as it seen in many wars.