Dalhousie Hill Station

Dalhousie Hill Station – A Heaven in the Himalayas

Dalhousie Hill Station, A must visit place in your India Tour!

Dalhousie Hill Station is situated in the foothills of Himalayas. It lies in the Dhauladhar mountain ranges of the Himalayas in Chamba District of the state of Himachal Pradesh. It’s a very less populated station which makes it a perfect place for peace lovers. Dalhousie attracts people with its charm and greenery. It is mostly known for its weather, as the temperature here never gets too harsh on the people even in the summers. It is situated on five hills and has an elevation of 1,970 meters above sea level.


This Hill-Station was discovered by a British Governor General named Lord Dalhousie. He invented this place as a summer retreat. After that, the town was named by his name ‘Dalhousie.’ Dalhousie being a beautiful place it is visited by people all over the year. Tourists love spending time with their families and loved ones here in the town. Dalhousie is covered with snow in the winters. The period from December to March is regarded as the snow months in the place. On the other hand, it never gets too hot in the summer’s which attracts a whole lot of people from all over the country.

It is covered by some very attractive tourist destinations which make it a perfect pick for a peaceful holiday. Khajjiar which is 23km from the town is the most visited place near Dalhousie. Khajjiar is also known as the mini-Switzerland for its greenery and atmosphere. Panchpulla, Chamera Lake, Dain Kund Peak, Kala top wildlife sanctuary are also some of the very popular places around Dalhousie.

The Dalhousie Hill Station is famous for many churches. St. Francis Church is at the Gandhi Chowk and the St. Pete church which is located in Subash Chowk. These churches were established by the Britishers when they were ruling the town. There are also schools like Sacred Heart Convent School and DPS Dalhousie in which students come from all over the country and abroad to study.

  1. Khajjiar

Khajjiar is also known as the mini-Switzerland of India. The lush green outfield covered with forest all around makes it as perfect a place can get. Khajjiar is 22km from the town and can only be reached by road. Cabs can be hired from the town to reach this place. Khajjiar is the primitive choice of tourists as it is known for its beauty and help people to connect to nature. Khajjiar also has a lake which proves as a perfect add on to the place beauty.

  1. Dain Kund Peak

Dain Kund is the highest peak Pont of Dalhousie. You can reach here by cab and is 12km from the town. It is on the way leading to Khajjiar.  It is regarded as the most scenic place around with the hills covered with snow. There is also a shrine up above the hill which is visited by pilgrims by many people.

  1. The Mall, Dalhousie

Dalhousie has a very big market place which provides tourists a lot of choices for their shopping. The huge marketplace consists of a wide variety of local handicrafts and hand made gifts which truly expresses the soul of Dalhousie. Tibetan market is also one of such markets that consist of goods represented by Tibetan culture.

  1. Panchpulla

Panchpulla is one of the nearest destination in Dalhousie. It is 3km from the town and attracts large no of people. Panchpulla is known for its touch with nature. The Waterfall, scenic landscapes, and adventure activities make it a very tourist attracting spot. You can reach Panchpulla walking which makes it very reachable for people.

Some other Tourist Destinations are:

  • Chamba
  • Chamera Lake
  • Rock Garden
  • Kalatop
  • Subash Chowk
  • Francis Church
  • Peter Church

Dalhousie can be reached by only road transportation. The nearest railway station is Pathankot, Punjab which is 80km from the town. It is a 3-hour drive from Pathankot The nearest airport is Guggal Airport which is 150km from the town.

(This is a Guest Post by Rithik Mahajan)