Amrotsav in Konkan

Enjoy 3 Days of Amrotsav in Konkan!

How about a tour from Pune to Konkan on the occasion of Amrotsav in Konkan? During the tour, you can visit different places in Konkan like Guhagar, Velneshwar, Hedvi and Parshuram. Here, People enjoy this Amrotsav and eat delicious mangoes with their friends and family. (Armas in Marathi means Mango juice, so this tour is for you to enjoy pure mango juice in the vicinity of sea and mango trees)



Guhagar is the city in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is the place famous for Alphonso (Haapus) mangoes, coconuts, and betel nuts. The railhead Chiplun is about 44KM away from Guhagar. This place is featured several films, recent example is Marathi film, Killa. This place is between the river Vaisishthi and the Jaygad creek. It is the perfect getaway destination with a beautiful beach.


Velneshwar village is to the north of Shastri River in Maharashtra. It is ideal water spot where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. It is the best place to visit anytime. This beach is becoming a very popular tourist spot and the magic and charm of this place. The entry of this place is Velneshwar temple which is Lord Shiva temple. It is the place where fresh green coconut trees and rock less sea water makes the place so beautiful and seem so pleasant and refreshing. Amrotsav celebrates here also.


Hedvi is the small village situated near the town of Guhagar in Konkan region of Maharashtra. The Hedvi beach is also popular for its peaceful features and very big black monolith which called the Bahman Ghal. The beach is 3KM from Ganesh Temple.  This temple is from the Peshwas regime, and gorgeous Dashbuja Marble idol is from Kashmir.


In this village, there is a famous temple of Parshuram, (the name of the village is due to this temple). The temple is an excellent example of ancient statues. Peaceful and beautiful nature and idol of Parshuram made up of black stone. The temple also has an excellent architecture. On the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti, there is the grand ceremony, and many devotees come on that occasion.

Konkan Alphonso Mangoes

About Amrotsav in Konkan Trips this summer:

Amrotsav in Konkan trip starts from20th April for two night and three days. People stay in the proper Wadi in AC Rooms and travel through AC vehicle and discover Konkan. Contact Devika Kelkar Travels to book your seats! Please Drop Your Enquiry at Or WhatsApp 9763239892