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Famous Places in Japan

 Tokyo-The capital city of Japan

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. It is a very biggest city of the world with the population of 12.64 million.  At that time Tokyo was called by Edo, in the 18th century had grown to a big city of people. It is also, a Japan’s center for cultural, economic, political, and various activities as well the origin for the dissemination of information.

Climate of Tokyo

The city of Tokyo and the part of the mainland are the humid subtropical climate with hot humid summer and winter with cool spells. The rainfall is annual and averages nearly 1,530 millimetres with wetter summer. The drier winter snowfall is periodic, but almost annually. The average month of July and August are the warmest. The rainy season in Japan in April, May, June, July, August, September and October.The coolest month is January.

The Imperial Palace

The main attraction of Tokyo’s district is the Imperial palace with the beautiful park located by moats and walls. The palace stands on a site wherein 1457, as the palace famous is the Nijubashi Bridge. The structure that takes its name from its reflection in the water. One other feature includes the two-meter wall surrounding the palace and with gates. There is also one garden Higashi-Gyoen, open only twice a year, on January 2nd and April 29th.

National Museum of Nature and Science

The superb National Museum of nature and science opened in 1871 and it is the oldest museum in the country. The museum is full of houses and the vast collection of materials related to a history. The nature and science, including many displays on space development, nuclear energy, and transportation, allowing a unique insight into latest technology advances.

Cherry Blossom Festivals

Cherry blossom festival is the symbol of Japan. The tree blooming mark end of the winter and its welcome spring, which is celebrated around the whole country. There are the various numbers of parks where the blossoming trees attract and admire the unbelievable trees. Time to visit there from 20 March to 8th April.


Japan’s largest second metropolitan area is Osaka after Tokyo.  It has been a background of an economical powerhouse of the region of Kansai for many centuries. Osaka was known as Naniwa. Before the period of Nara, the capital move with each new emperor. Naniwa is the capital of Japan. In the century of 16th Toyotomi chose Osaka as the castle and the city has become Japan’s capital.

Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts

The municipal museum of Art Osaka open in MAY 1936, the museum situates in Tennoji Park Chausuyama corner. There are many colorful paintings and ceramics through the pale glass. This museum preserves many cultural and important properties, housing collection about 8,500 works of Chinese and Japanese arts. The city built the building of Museum.

Osaka Castle Park

The Osaka Castle Park opened in 1931 with area covers of 106.7 hectares. Castle Park of Osaka is colorfully overstated. There are 600 cherry trees, with Nishinoumaru Garden. A variety of 95 Japanese apricot flowers, 1250 trees in total bloom Ume grove. People enjoy beautiful autumn colored leaves. Change in a season to season attracts people throughout the year. The castle park locates in the center of the city.

Shitennoji Temple

The wonders of Shitennoji Temple is one of the world’s most amazing Buddhist temples. With stroll around its quiet grounds, impressive, see Buddhist artifacts and about the journey of the religion of Japan. To visit the temple’s ground, treasure house, and many paintings, artifacts, and scripts. Visit this temple in 21st and 22nd of each month when the market transfer takes place. The food is also very lavish and delicious.  The temple is open to 4 pm every day, except in summer.

Sumiyoshi Taisha

It is one of the oldest, biggest, and most important shrines in Osaka. For several centuries following the Restoration in 1876, a new rank system for shrines known as the Sha Kaku. Sumiyoshi Taisha also known as Sumiyoshi Grand Shrine is Japan oldest Shinto shrine. It enshrines with three gods that worshiped for defensive the nation.

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Kashmir “The Paradise on Earth”

If you are dreaming of visiting Kashmir. Kashmir is the best place for tourist people enjoy the trip. It is known all over the world as” The Paradise on Earth” and it’s popular for all tourist and all ages throughout the year. In Kashmir there are four district seasons, these are summer, winter, autumn and spring.

Spring season start from March to early May. In the summer season the weather of Kashmir is pleasant at 230 C  and windy at 6o C . this is the season when experience rains and showers are brief. Summer, this season extend from May and end of the August. In this season, higher altitude night temperatures drop slightly. The day temperature of between 25o C and 35oC. At this time, the whole vale is of varying shades of green rice field, meadows, tress, etc.

Autumn, is Kashmir’s loveliest season, towards September when green turns to gold and then to red. The day temperatures are around 23OC and night temperatures dip to 10oC by October and drop further drop by November when heavy woolens are necessary. Winter season is from December to March. The snow covered landscape being watch from beside the heat of the fire is a joy that cannot be described to anyone who has not experienced it.

Srinagar: Nature at its Best!


Srinagar is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kashmir as well as in India. You can enjoy here, trekking, boating, bird watching to water skiing. The best time to visit here is June to October to see the beauty of nature and greenery and if you want to enjoy snowfall then you can visit here in December to January. Srinagar has a humid climate, much cold weather found in rest of India. Srinagar surrounds by full of Himalayan on all sides. Winters are cool with average temperature 2.5c. In winter there is a heavy snowfall that disconnects Srinagar with the rest of the India. The culture of Srinagar has a distinctive mixture of heritage. Around the entire city, there is a historical cultural and religious diversity of the city as well Kashmir valley.

Gulmarg- The Kashmir Meadow of Flower

gulmarg Kashmir
Gulmarg, Kashmir

 It is a beauty and prime location to Srinagar naturally makes one of the premier hill resorts in the country. Originally called “Gaurimarg”. It is the best haunt Emperor who collected 21 varieties of flowers from here. It is not only the mountain beauty but it also highest green golf at an altitude of 2,650 meters. Famously known as the “Meadow of flowers”. 56kms from Srinagar 2690mts above the sea Level this place is a delicacy to eyes with its spread of flowers against snow capped mountains as background. The best time to visit here, June to October and for snow December and January.

Sonmarg- The Kashmir Meadow of God 

Sonmarg is situated 1.87km from Srinagar, Sonmarg ‘Meadow of God ’intersects on Ladakh-Srinagar highway and is also known for Thajiwas Glacier. The people climb up the glacier from the highway and return back in 5 hours. People can also ride or hire a taxi and walk from halfway; some Bollywood movies shoot in this place. The Sonmarg climate is very cold, but rainfall is not that much heavy, expect for two-three days in a span of July and August. The major attraction of Sonmarg enveloped by alpine trees. Sonmarg is a camp of Amarnath Yatra organizes during the July-August every year. The most beautiful aspect of this place is the river water is pure red in color and is said that to have healing power for skin ailments. People take a bath in this water.


Pahalgam has located 95 km from Srinagar at a height of 7200 ft. It is known as the ‘Valley of Shepherds’. It is a famous hill station in Jammu and Kashmir where many films shoot takes place. Pahalgam surrounds with thickly wooded pine forests, breathtaking of meadows and the snow-clad Himalayan Mountains. Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir is known as the gateway for a popular tour called Amar yatra. Summer season is the best to visit Pahalgam. The temperature is very pleasant in summer.

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Solapur Enjoying Harmony in Diversity

Solapur city which delighted tourists by its cultural confluence. It’s existence as a textile hub and connecting center for pilgrimages. Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and Urdu cultures assimilated in this beautiful city of South Maharashtra. Linguistic transmission is very smooth. Nobody quarrels over language. All cultural groups knew very well how to communicate each other.  They merrily participate and enrich literary events of each culture. Many Marathi people knew Kannada very well. You can speak in any language here.  Marathi language spoken here has various flavors. It’s a very sweet experience to listen Marathi from Telugu or Kannada neighbor.

Special Food in Solapur City

 Like languages cuisines of various cultural groups are simply mouth -watering. Solapur is world famous for its jowarBhakari and shengdana (groundnut) chatni. It is also known for its Idali houses. Idalis are cheaper in this city than other places. Even non-veg dishes with stiffened BajariBhakaris are always in demand from tourists. If you are interested in Telugu dishes, you can have it in plenty at the east side of Solapur. Hurda parties are enjoying during harvesting season in Solapur City and its adjacent areas. Here Kannada, Telugu, and Marathi festivals are celebrated with traditional cuisines. A child brought up in Solapur becomes global in food tests. If you are fond of foods, you can visit various dhabas around a city. You eat here a variety of food items ranging from continental to local. JowarBhakaris are important in all that items.

Solapur is also a textile hub, well known for its chaddar, towels and handloom items. Solapur’s chaddar has consumers from all over Maharashtra.  Each and every Marathi household likes to possess this item. It retains its magic value for generations. It’s a favorite gift item as well. It is in much demand at marriage ceremonies, took place in rural Maharashtra. Padmashali community from Andhra Pradesh controls textile business of Solapur for generations. The business has export value. It has increased Solapur’s fame all over the country. Textile items attract tourists in all seasons.

Famous Place in Solapur City

There are many tourist sites in the city. SidheshvarMandir is a marvelous place So, It is a famous pilgrimage for Lingayat community. Sidheshvaryatra, the annual fair is held for fourteen days around Sankranti. Lakhs of devotees come for this yatra from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra.  Entire Solapur city is in a festive mood during yatra days. This yatra entertains as well as provides business opportunities to the rural folk. It generates revenue for Solapur Mahapalika.  Landlocked fort, kambar, and  Lotus Lake is another historical place in the city. Thermal power station becomes a new attraction for tourists.

Tharmal power plant
Thermal power plant Solapur

Solapur is a connecting center for various pilgrimages. From Solapur, you can easily arrange a tour for Pandharpur, Tulajapur, and Akkalkot, three important pilgrimages for Marathi people.  All these famous places are one and half hours away from Solapur. You can return within a day after visiting them. Naldurg fort is also near from the city. You can arrange a tour to this fort during the rainy season. Solapur city is also the connecting center for visiting Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Naldurg-fort Solapur
Naldurg-fort Solapur

Solapur has its intrinsic beauty which one must experience. Unfortunately, it has got negative publicity. The character show in Marathi film Tu Tithe Me transfers to Solapur.After listening to this news, he becomes panic. But, this is not the case at all. This is the unique city in the country which was put under the Martial law by British rulers.Freedom fighters of Solapur declared independence much before 15 August 1947. because they had sacrificed their lives for this patriotic act in 1930.  One must visit Solapur to understand its glorious past and beautiful present.

Sanjay Dongare

Enjoy 3 Days of Amrotsav in Konkan!

How about a tour from Pune to Konkan on the occasion of Amrotsav in Konkan? During the tour, you can visit different places in Konkan like Guhagar, Velneshwar, Hedvi and Parshuram. Here, People enjoy this Amrotsav and eat delicious mangoes with their friends and family. (Armas in Marathi means Mango juice, so this tour is for you to enjoy pure mango juice in the vicinity of sea and mango trees)



Guhagar is the city in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is the place famous for Alphonso (Haapus) mangoes, coconuts, and betel nuts. The railhead Chiplun is about 44KM away from Guhagar. This place is featured several films, recent example is Marathi film, Killa. This place is between the river Vaisishthi and the Jaygad creek. It is the perfect getaway destination with a beautiful beach.


Velneshwar village is to the north of Shastri River in Maharashtra. It is ideal water spot where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. It is the best place to visit anytime. This beach is becoming a very popular tourist spot and the magic and charm of this place. The entry of this place is Velneshwar temple which is Lord Shiva temple. It is the place where fresh green coconut trees and rock less sea water makes the place so beautiful and seem so pleasant and refreshing. Amrotsav celebrates here also.


Hedvi is the small village situated near the town of Guhagar in Konkan region of Maharashtra. The Hedvi beach is also popular for its peaceful features and very big black monolith which called the Bahman Ghal. The beach is 3KM from Ganesh Temple.  This temple is from the Peshwas regime, and gorgeous Dashbuja Marble idol is from Kashmir.


In this village, there is a famous temple of Parshuram, (the name of the village is due to this temple). The temple is an excellent example of ancient statues. Peaceful and beautiful nature and idol of Parshuram made up of black stone. The temple also has an excellent architecture. On the occasion of Parshuram Jayanti, there is the grand ceremony, and many devotees come on that occasion.

Konkan Alphonso Mangoes

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Olive Ridley Turtle Festival at Vayangani in Konkan, Maharashtra

A small town in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra is home to the yearly Olive Ridley Turtle Festival. The Olive Ridley turtles thrive in warm tropical waters of Indian and Pacific Ocean. India is a ground for their reproduction.

Yearly Festival

Every year, around December to March, adult female Olive Ridley Turtles come to the beach of Vayangani and some other beaches in Konkan part of Maharashtra to lay their eggs.  These turtles visit in large groups for nesting called Arribadas.  Olive Ridley turtles are rare because they only lay their eggs at selected beaches. Why on selected beach?

The female note down the beach they were born at and return when they are at parenthood and lay their eggs at the beach, no matter where they are in the world.  Poachers have destroyed Olive Ridley Turtle eggs, and also jackals and pigs eat them. The eggs start hatching in 55 to 60 days. The turtle starts arriving in Maharashtra for breeding as soon as the temperature starts rising. They have decided to hold the turtle festival in four different beaches of the Konkan region.

Konkan Turtle Festival is celebrated each year in the form of a unique discussion program, which reflects the facts that Olive Turtles are on the border of extinction. The main objective to arrange this festival is to educate people to a maximum extent regarding the great work of taking care of various turtles in the best possible manner. This festival celebration happens in a small town of Vayangani village of Maharashtra in the month of March and April.

Reasons for Konkan Olive Ridley Turtle Festival

After successful hatching, baby turtles get left in the open waters of the Arabian Sea. The main concern for the environment is that the population of these turtles has decreased significantly because of broadly increased pollution levels in the recent times. In Maharashtra the festival spare over 30 villages. They ensure that the turtle gets hatch with maximum egg.

We Indians celebrate many festivals throughout the year, and some are very rear. 22nd April is world environment day and this opportunity is just around that time. In Maharashtra, the festival is organised  for turtle  Olive Ridley Turtles have a behavior of forming Arribadas, which are mass gatherings of female turtles to lay eggs on the shore.

The turtle mating season is November to March. After mating the female turtle comes to the sea shore during the night during a high tide line, dig holes up to 18 inches deep and fill them with about 100-150 eggs and then they go back to the sea.

Steps to Protect the Olive Ridley Turtle

For some years, most of these eggs were stolen/sold by people. A few years ago, Sahyadri Nisarga Mitra NGO in Maharashtra, came to provide protection to turtle in the Konkan coast. Turtle festival started in small villages like Vayangani in Ratnagiri district. The place were villagers with tourists from India come together to discharge the turtle hatching into the sea. There are specific environmentalists and forest department officials who support this activity each year.

During these festivals, many visitors watch baby turtle and collect onto the sea. Hatchlings come out of their nests on the seashore and crawling towards the sea. From last five years, hundreds of baby turtle go to the sea safely.

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