Shillong-nature of beauty!!!!!!!!

Shillong is the capital of Meghalaya, it is one of the luxury places to visit in the eastern north part of India. It is the very rich city for its culture, nature of beauty and many things. The city is ordinarily habited by the Khasis, is one of the parts of Meghalaya. It is the Christian state with a number of Hindus, Seng-Khasis and Muslims etc.

The people of Shillong like to wear Western dress up but young generation wears traditional clothes occasionally. The traditional dress of Khasis is Jymphong of males and for females, Dhara is highly among elders. Special purpose, the women also wear the crown of gold and silver with spike fixed back of the crown. The name of shilling derived from U-Shillong, and it is located at a high altitude of 1491 m above sea level. This is the amazing city 103 km from the nearest train and air link. The existence of many apparent educational institutions, most of them traditional by many groups of missionary make Shillong the core of education for the entire northeast.

 Shillong Peak


It is located 10 km from the city offers; amazing spectacular views of the city from a height of 1965 m from above sea level. This is the highest point in Shillong it offers you fabulous views of greenery and amazing waterfalls. If visitors are here on a day when clouds play spoilsport, the royal view of Himalayan peaks and plains of Bangladesh here. Indian Air Force station here.

Elephant Falls


The Elephant Falls, three steps waterfalls as it’s firstly called, is situated 12 km from the capital city. In which three waterfalls made the name as three steps of waterfalls which called Elephant Falls. The stone an elephant near the amazing falls motivated the British. The stone is no longer as it was cracked in 1897 by the earthquake. The season of rainy brings extra energetic waterfalls. People also combine to Shillong peak and Elephant Falls on both are a single day in just very a few minutes away from each other.

Shillong viewpoint

Shillong view
Shillong view

The high altitude of 1965 meters, the view of Shillong stands at the highest peak in the Himalayas. Here you get a panoramic view of the whole city of Shillong under military area and it is open to the public. There is the very lush greenery forest and mountains. It is very famous and popular destination where people get to see station of Indian Air Force.

 Mawphlang: The Sacred Forest

Shillong forest
Shillong forest

The northeastern side of Indian states is precious by tourists for their wonderful diversity wildlife and attractive heritage. Meghalaya is the state in inviting which region has wildlife and beauty of nature. The national parks and hilly landscape in Meghalaya, there are most special glories that can leave you bound. The state is famous for thick forest and loss of resulting in taking steps to save their older forest.

The climate of Shillong

Climate of Shillong
Climate of Shillong

To visit Shillong, the best time from March to May. During these months the summers set and it’s very convenience to travel around. The range of temperature from 24oC to 15o through this time. Shillong is the rainy place so carrying umbrellas and woolens clothes will be a safe idea. During October to November is the best time to visit here, before chilly winters and after the monsoon, these months are a very fresh vacation in Shillong. Temperature from 22oC to 10oC so keep warm in the chill cold nights. Visiting Shillong is very best to the rich rains.