Shinjuku Gyoen Park

Shinjuku Gyoen Park


Shinjuku Gyoen Park is the beauty of Tokyo, and it is an urban island of Japan’s seasonal beauty. This Shinjuku Gyoen Park is very large, in 144 acres. This park is Tokyo’s most famous cherry blossom viewing place in April.  Shinjuku Gyoen has very large gardens, woods, picture pond and hundred cherry trees.

Shinjuku Gyoen Park has more than 20,000 varieties of trees from all over the world. It is the delight for the nature lover with the variety and beauty of its flora, with a skyline punctuated with towers.

It also includes a formal French garden, and traditional Japanese garden, a ‘Mother and Child Forest,’ a maple hill, several ponds and Taiwan Pavilion.  Shinjuku Gyoen’s have open spaces, forested areas. Lovely groves of cherry and plum tree make it ideal. Many people enjoy the beauty nature.

This garden consists of three beautiful sections, the French Formal, the English garden and the Japanese Landscape and each of these has an a unique theme. The area covers 12 of Tokyo Dome. People enjoy the seasonal beauty throughout the year. There are 1100 cherry trees of 65 different types in the park, which increase the beauty of park after all the flowers are blossom.

 There are four seasons to visit Shinjuku Gyoen garden.

Spring- It is worth to visit especially during the cherry blossom season because there are 1100 cherry trees of 65 different types and after blossoming of flowers there is a spectacular view. Each flower has unique color and splendor.

March- Plum, white Magnolia, Peach blossom, Japanese Quince, cherry, and others.

April- Double cherry blossom, Rhododendron, Dove tree, Flowering Dogwood, Japanese spiraea, Tulip tree and others.

May- Rose, Japanese whitebark, Magnolia, and others.

Summer- Colors of summer blossoms under the bright summer sky, it is the best boost for your soul. During the summer months, flowers continue to blossom.

June- Hydrangea, Hosta, Southern Magnolia, Japanese Stewartia, Hibiscus.

July- Agapanthus, Cockspur Coral Tree, Oleander, Gardenia.

August- Crape Myrtle, Hibiscus, Japanese Jacinth

Autumn- strolling along the path lined with trees as their leaves turn bright red and yellow, immerse you in the fantastic colors of autumn!!

September- Red Spider Lily, Chinese silver Grass, Tricyrtis Formosan clovers and others.

October- sweet osmanthus, Camellia, Cherry Blossom of Rose and others.

November- Leopard Plant, Camellia, Japanese Narcissus, Loquat and others

 Winter- Shinjuku Gyoen during winter has its appeal. The scenery turns purely magical when the park gets covered with full of snow.

December- Japanese Narcissus, Camellia, Cherry Blossom of winter, Japanese Allspice

January- Amurensis, Plum, Bellflower Cherry, Camellia

February- Plum, Bellflower Cherry, Japanese Dogwood, Japanese Hamamelis, Camellia

Rainbow Bridge- Japan

The Rainbow Bridge is the beauty of Japan feature an amazing shape of the rainbow over Tokyo Bay as the name suggested. It is a 798-meter deferral bridge spanning from pier and waterfront development.  The bridge is in cool white in summer and warm white in winter. This bridge is illuminated from the sunset until midnight to offer fantastic scene. Also, there are changes illuminated in color depending on events, days for the enjoyment of viewers.

Rainbow Bridge view from

1- View from Tokyo Tower

2- View from the Sumida River

3- View from Hamarikyu Gardens

4- View from Tokyo Metropolitan Building

5- View from the Rainbow Bridge’s walkway

6- Night view from Hinode Pier.

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