Solapur Enjoying Harmony in Diversity

Solapur city which delighted tourists by its cultural confluence. It’s existence as a textile hub and connecting center for pilgrimages. Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and Urdu cultures assimilated in this beautiful city of South Maharashtra. Linguistic transmission is very smooth. Nobody quarrels over language. All cultural groups knew very well how to communicate each other.  They merrily participate and enrich literary events of each culture. Many Marathi people knew Kannada very well. You can speak in any language here.  Marathi language spoken here has various flavors. It’s a very sweet experience to listen Marathi from Telugu or Kannada neighbor.

Special Food in Solapur City

 Like languages cuisines of various cultural groups are simply mouth -watering. Solapur is world famous for its jowarBhakari and shengdana (groundnut) chatni. It is also known for its Idali houses. Idalis are cheaper in this city than other places. Even non-veg dishes with stiffened BajariBhakaris are always in demand from tourists. If you are interested in Telugu dishes, you can have it in plenty at the east side of Solapur. Hurda parties are enjoying during harvesting season in Solapur City and its adjacent areas. Here Kannada, Telugu, and Marathi festivals are celebrated with traditional cuisines. A child brought up in Solapur becomes global in food tests. If you are fond of foods, you can visit various dhabas around a city. You eat here a variety of food items ranging from continental to local. JowarBhakaris are important in all that items.

Solapur is also a textile hub, well known for its chaddar, towels and handloom items. Solapur’s chaddar has consumers from all over Maharashtra.  Each and every Marathi household likes to possess this item. It retains its magic value for generations. It’s a favorite gift item as well. It is in much demand at marriage ceremonies, took place in rural Maharashtra. Padmashali community from Andhra Pradesh controls textile business of Solapur for generations. The business has export value. It has increased Solapur’s fame all over the country. Textile items attract tourists in all seasons.

Famous Place in Solapur City

There are many tourist sites in the city. SidheshvarMandir is a marvelous place So, It is a famous pilgrimage for Lingayat community. Sidheshvaryatra, the annual fair is held for fourteen days around Sankranti. Lakhs of devotees come for this yatra from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Maharashtra.  Entire Solapur city is in a festive mood during yatra days. This yatra entertains as well as provides business opportunities to the rural folk. It generates revenue for Solapur Mahapalika.  Landlocked fort, kambar, and  Lotus Lake is another historical place in the city. Thermal power station becomes a new attraction for tourists.

Tharmal power plant
Thermal power plant Solapur

Solapur is a connecting center for various pilgrimages. From Solapur, you can easily arrange a tour for Pandharpur, Tulajapur, and Akkalkot, three important pilgrimages for Marathi people.  All these famous places are one and half hours away from Solapur. You can return within a day after visiting them. Naldurg fort is also near from the city. You can arrange a tour to this fort during the rainy season. Solapur city is also the connecting center for visiting Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Naldurg-fort Solapur
Naldurg-fort Solapur

Solapur has its intrinsic beauty which one must experience. Unfortunately, it has got negative publicity. The character show in Marathi film Tu Tithe Me transfers to Solapur.After listening to this news, he becomes panic. But, this is not the case at all. This is the unique city in the country which was put under the Martial law by British rulers.Freedom fighters of Solapur declared independence much before 15 August 1947. because they had sacrificed their lives for this patriotic act in 1930.  One must visit Solapur to understand its glorious past and beautiful present.

Sanjay Dongare