Stone Lifting at Khed Shivapur Dargah near Pune

Kamar Ali Darvesh Dargah Dargah

Pune City to Khed Shivapur distance is only 25 Km.

If you drive from Pune towards Satara, you will come across a Toll Booth in a small town of Khed Shivapur. Take a U-turn just before the Tool Booth and on the left-hand side, you will see an entry gate to a Dargah. Hazrat Kamar Ali Darvesh Dargah at Khed Shivapur near Pune is a famous place. It is not famous because it is a Dargah but there is an interesting this to see and experience here.
Khed Shivapur Dargah, Pune
Khed Shivapur Dargah near Pune

In front of the Dargah, there is a small open space. Here you will find a large round stone weighing around 90 Kg lying on the ground. If eleven people touch only their Index finger below the stone and say ‘Kamarali Durvesh’ and lift the stone, you can lift it. People visiting the Dargah feel that it is some kind of act of god.

The people who studied the science behind this tell that this is because of ‘collective force theory’. I tried it myself with other people and it works. Only men can try this act. The Dargah is completely renovated with white marble. Parking is a problem at this place and better to park outside the lane going towards Dargah. You can walk from there from the narrow lane.

Food Joints on the Highway

Bhel Joints near Khed Shivapur
Bhel Joints on the highway, Pune Satara Road. Image courtesy Team-BHP.
On the way back to Pune, you will see famous ‘Bhel Joints’ (food stalls) on the road-side and you can taste the famous ‘bhel’ here. It is a common tourist halt on Pune-Satara-Bangalore highway. Locally the road is known as Pune-Satara Road but it is NH4 (National Highway # 4) which is same as Mumbai to Bangalore Highway. You can visit this place on a Weekend from Pune. You can combine this tour with other nearby tourist places.