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Travel and Shop – The Amazing Handicraft of India

Handicraft of India

Whether you are an Indian or a visitor to India, I am sure you know about Ajanta and Ellora caves. These are indeed major tourist attractions and famous archaeological sites near the Aurangabad City of Maharashtra State. But once you see the caves, what you remember permanently is the Art & Craft! You will remember the paintings, carvings on the wall and sculptures for all your life. Handicraft is a key art in Indian culture.
Handcrafted CamelArt and Craft are not just topics of discussion and to be taught in Schools and Colleges in India. These are part of life ana a major Industry as well. Every state in India has something specialty.  The traditional Craft is producing over there for years and years. It could be machine made or hand made but the items made are still of the export quality. Though each state has their own hand-craft items on sale in their state emporium, Assam and Rajasthan produce more of these items. You will have specialties from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh and Utter Pradesh also.

Handcrafted ElephantAs you start travelling in the interior of different States, you will realise that small towns and villages also have their own unique way of making particular items and the places are famous because of these items. The items could be clothing, earthen pots, show pieces, utensils, toys, purses and handbags or even nicely crafted stationery. No doubt the tourists from different countries buy these beautifully crafted items back home as memories of visiting India but when India tourists travel to different states, they also get attracted towards the local craft shops.
Hand made cloth of Aasam
‘Paithni’ is a famous expensive Indian Saree which is handcrafted in a town named as Paithan in Maharashtra. Sawantwadi in Konkan part of Maharashtra is famous for producing Wooden Toys. These are just examples and you will find such places in each and every state in India.
Kolhapur Chappals (Sandals), Savantwadi Wooden Toys, Rajasthan Murals and Woodcraft elements, Paithani Saree from Paithan, Kanjivaram / Kanchipuram Saree from Tamilnadu are World famous handicraft items.The tourists visiting India always like to buy them.
There are special markets to sell just these beautiful handicraft items. It is an amazing experience to see these craft items being made and even just own them! You can have this fun of Travelling and Shopping together across entire India!