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Sajjangad Satara

Ramdas Swami - Sajjangad
Sajjangad meaning ‘fort of Good People’ the place locate near the city of Satara in the Maharashtra State of India. It is the final resting place of Sant Ramdas. (King Shivaji’s guru) commonly known as Ramdas Swami, who was living here in the 17th Century. Currently, the trust manages all work. This place is a small hill fort and nice place for a day visit. You can see Shriram (God Ram) temple, Samarth Ramdas Swami Samadhi (resting place), Shri Hanuman temple. Also, you see there a small museum of things used by Ramdas Swami. Ramdas Swami narrated a spiritual book named as ‘Dasbodh’, which was written by his disciple Kalyan Swami. Dashbodh was written in a cave at a place called as ‘Shivthar Ghal’.
Temple - Sajjangad, Satara
The trustees serve food (as prasad) for every visitor for lunch. Drinking water, washrooms and staying arrangement for a few people are also available on the hill.
Pune to Satara is 110 Kms. 
Sajjangad is 25 kms from Satara City
Mumbai to Sajjangad is 270 Kms.
Sajjangad, Satara

Sajjangad Satara Entry

.Samarth Gate, Sajjangad