Tea Tourism is yet another way to explore India

Tea Tourism in India

 India is a Tea (also known as Chai) loving Country in two ways. It is World’s second largest Tea producing Country and largest Tea consuming Country. Whatever Tea India produces, 70% of that is for internal consumption within the Country. Tea Tourism in India in getting much popularity it deserves. Yes, we all love Tea! J
The Main types of Tea produce in India is Black, Green, White, Oolong, and CTC. The most common and main variety produced and consumed in India is the Black Tea. 


Assam is the largest Tea producing region in the Country mainly for Black Tea and another special thing about Assam is that it the only place apart from China, where the Tea plants have their origin. It is the North East state of India and popular because of Tea plantations as old as 100 years! Banyan Grove, Wild Mahseer are some famous Tea estates to visit in this place. A Tea festival in Assam every November is well-known.


This is a Hill Station in Kerala State of India and Kenan Devan Hills is a large Tea Plantation over here. This place is known for Tea Tourism and has a Tea museum. Multiple Hotels are there and Homestay is also possible at Munnar. This is the largest Tea plantation in the Southern part of India. Wayanad is another City in Kerala known for Tea plantations. 


Darjeeling is yet another World Famous Tea plantation destination in India producing mainly Black Tea. Glenburn Tea Estate is known for Tea tourism. Along with the beautiful plantations, you get breathtaking views of Kanchenjunga mountain ranges and the Himalayas. Being a famous tourist place, there are many more fun activities at Darjeeling. Happy Valley Tea estates is another place to visit in Darjeeling. 

Nilgiri Mountain ranges

The Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu is a South Indian destination for Tea Plantations is also a hill station. This place is also producing Tea for more than 100 years.

Kangra Valley

This valley in the Himachal Pradesh also produces specific varieties of Tea and if you are visiting Himachal Pradesh, visiting Dharamshala Tea Company gardens Dharamshala may be a good idea. The ‘Darang Tea estate’ is another Tea plantation over here which is in existence for 150 years. The Tea gardens are also there in entire Palampur area of Himachal Pradesh state. Tea Tourism in India has its roots in Himalaya also.

There are more Tea gardens and Tea plantations in India but I have the list of major ones over here. Each Tea plantation has a different variety of Tea and whole leaf tea is the most in demand. The final Tea product is sold as loose leaf Tea or Tea Bags and CTC production involves using machines but the real taste lies with Black, Green, White and Oolong whole leaf tea.

Visiting these Tea plantations is an exciting experience. We can see that the Tea plantations are in Himachal Pradesh, Assam, West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu; so Tea Tourism in India is another way to explore India!