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Travelogue Global is the second version of my earlier Travel blog on Google Blogspot. The earlier Travel Blog was focussing only on Destinations from India. This Blog will try to cover destinations from all over the World including India. Some of the famous posts will be migrated to this blog along and will also be modified for more information. The Old blog will not longer be used for posting new articles. All Travel India related articles will also be posted on this Blog/website.

New and Old Travel Blog:

With a good number of readers for the India Travel Blog, you inspired me to move to a commercial blog site. I hope you will enjoy the new look of this Blog and new destinations related to India Travel and Global Travel and will motivating me and any other Authors of this blog to write more. Keep Reading! If you would like to contribute by writing Guest Posts to this Blog, you are most welcome. Let me know and I will make the necessary arrangements.

Travelogue word means an experience of a traveller, hence the Blog name! The Title remains the same as ‘A Blog for Travel Lovers’. We will cover different destinations from India and abroad, We will also cover Hotel reviews, Resorts reviews, Places of Tourist Interests, Amusement/Theme Parks and much more.

You can expect to read about Goa Beaches, Ramoji Film City, Shimla, Kullu Manali, Pune City, Weekend Trips around Pune, Taj Mahal, Jantar Mantar, Kingdom of Dreams, Imagica and much more.

The Title (and intention behind writing the blog) remains the same as ‘A Blog for Travel Lovers’! Please visit ‘About us’ page to know more about us and our business and services. You can reach us using the below email ID or using the form on the ‘Contact us’ page. You may also like to read our Life and Business Blog covering Business, General Reading, Career, Technology, etc. We may be adding some links from our Affiliates if we think their products and services are of some value to our readers.

Thanks & Happy Reading and Happy Travelling!

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